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4 year Scholarship available.Apply Here
Aaron Antonali Memorial Scholarship
Recognize excellence in the performing arts, technical arts, design and stage management. This scholarship is awarded to students pursuing a four-year degree at a college, university or technical school with a major or minor in theatre arts.
About The Scholarship
Aaron Antonali was a participant in STARS 2000. He was an extremely talented performer and a wonderful addition to our theatre company. Aaron passed away in 2002 and this scholarship was established as a memorial to his achievements in theatre.
Eligibility Requirements
  1. Graduating high school senior who has participated in STARS 2000 as a performer, technician, designer, or stage manager.
  2. 2) Community college student enrolled full time (12 units or more) who has participated in STARS 2000 as a performer, technician, designer, or stage manager, transferring to a college or university.
Applicants Must
    Have amateur status (not currently in an actors union).
  1. Enroll full time in an accredited 4-year college, university, or technical school with a theatre arts major or minor. **
  2. Be under the age of 23.
Scholarship Award

One-year scholarship with the possibility of reapplying for up to three additional years. Awards vary, with a maximum award of \$3,000 as determined by STARS 2000’s Scholarship Committee.

Requirements for renewable award:

  1. Student must be continuing to study full time in an accredited 4-year theatre arts program; **
  2. Be under age 23;
  3. Be in good standing with their school.

The renewable application and transcripts must be submitted to the Scholarship Committee no later than the application deadline each year in order to receive funding for the following year of school. Funding shall be limited to two years of college. Award to be determined by the Scholarship Committee after review of application, and may not be equal to the initial award.

** For the 2020 cycle, applications will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis regarding decisions to take a leave of absence/gap year, decision to attend community college instead of the four-year college the applicant had previously accepted, and other changes in plans caused by the unprecedented times.

  1. Initial applications must be submitted to STARS 2000 postmarked by June 15, 2020. Applicants must be available for an audition (or presentation if not a performer) on a date to be determined.
  2. Renewable scholarship applications must be postmarked by June 15, 2020.
Recipients will be notified of awards by email following final interviews and auditions/presentations.

The Aaron Antonali Scholarship shall be administered by STARS 2000, a 501(c)(3) organization.

A check will be written directly to the College or University along with a contract for the recipient to sign stating that the Antonali Scholarship funds will be applied directly to their education costs.

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